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The titles of books are translated to English. You can change titles as you like. Our fantastic illustrations will be accepted well.

Personalized Book Meon Book

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Bam & Kero

Have you ever heard of the picture book series “Bam & Kero” ?

If you have not, this might be a good chance to know a very cute kids book, pretty much famous in Japan. It is quite a new touch compared to traditional Japanese kids book.

The illustrator, Yuka Shimada now lives in Toronto, Canada, and absorbs in her work.

Bam & Kero series starts with a dog named Bam, the protagonist, and his frog friend  Kero. The stories are all very short and simple, and adorable!


They are few English versions that I could find so only Japanese readers are available to fully enjopy these books but since Ms.Shimada lives in Toronto, I am hoping that she will have more English versions for Bam & Kero series so that more kids (and moms and dads!) can enjoy them!!

Hope you like this new touch of picture book from the Japanese culture!!

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How about a complete original picture book,

your own story,your own message,

to your love ones, families and friends for,

Birthday, Wedding ceremony, Farewell party, and so on.

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