I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday on St.Valentines day.

I went out with my husband to enjoy Indian dinner with our friends.

It was nice to share times and stories with them.


Well, today, I’d like to introduce Anpanman,

a long-term animated Japanese hero, one of the most beloved

hero in Japan.

I have never heard of kids who does not know Anpanman.


He is always strong and very kind to the people in town.

The black coloured character is called Baikinman,

and he is always trying to bother Anpanman, but fails.


The stories always includes moral lessons to kids (and maybe for grown-ups too) so the kids naturally learns alot just by watching or reading the stories.


I don’t know why he is so loved and famous for such a long time by almost all Japanese but I suppose the author and illustrator of Anpanman, Mr.Yanase is the key person to this clue.

He must be a very rich man with high reputation but I never felt him boast of himself or any kind of arrogance in his words and attitudes.

He has a sense of humor added with full of love for people, especially for kids.

I respect him very much for that.

I don’t know how much Anpanman is known outside Japan but I hope non-Japanese speakers get the chance to watch or read Anpanman.

By the way, my favorite character is Baikinman, the black one in the above illustration. He does trouble Anpanman often but that is simply because Baikinman just wants to join the group of kids to play together but does not have enough courage to say that and act as he feels. I know many people who are like Baikinman and maybe sometimes I am like him.

So there are no simple bad guys in this Anpanman series, all the characters have their personality and are to be loved.

If this is your first time to hear about Anpanman, I hope this information was a good news and new impression for you!!!


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How about a complete original picture book,

your own story,your own message,

to your love ones, families and friends for,

Birthday, Wedding ceremony, Farewell party, and so on.

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